Our company now on the market for over thirty years, is one of the few in Campania to be enrolled in the system of control and certification of agricultural production with organic methods, believing more and more in our work. Even at a time like this, where "agriculture, which should be based on an alliance between man and nature, has become a struggle"! for us it is not so, our company is intent on bringing to the table of consumers genuineness, quality and well-being.

This culture of producing this type of typical local products has been handed down for generations, in fact already since last century our ancestors produced: piennolo cherry tomatoes, apricots, plums, etc ... destined for local markets.

The Rea Luigi farm came to life in 1987, with the aim of selling to markets and industries. In 2011 the conversion to organic begins, now effective in 2014 it begins to be known and appreciated by other countries, thanks also to the numerous participations in various fairs and various presentations (cibus, gourmandia etc ...) so we decided to give life to a work to transform the products into labeled glass jars, thus bringing a product that is equal to the fresh abroad.

To date our company seeks to travel at the forefront to try to guarantee consumers a product of excellence and of the highest quality branded D.O.P. , BIOLOGICAL, and registered with ITALIAN EXCELLENCES.